Tomorrow: The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

Tomorrow the 44th President of the United States is sworn in. And although the media, various other pundits, PACs, celebrities, academia, and of course fellow travelers on the progressive highway (that's politicians to the left of center, for those taking notes), will be doing everything but laying palm fronds down on at HIS feet while singing Hosannas ... it should be noted he is after all is said and done, nothing more (or less) then "just a man".

No one really knows what is in his heart of hearts. No one knows where he will lead (In fact, if he will be capable of "leading" at all.) the great nation over the course of the next four years. To be sure, there has been speculation from all sides of the political spectrum. Your (not so) humble spirit has made more then a few noises along these lines himself. The truth is, we just don't know.

He has, from the onset of his political career, failed to make a major impression period. This is as true at the State level (as a junior Illinois State Senator), as it was at the US Senate. During his rise to the nomination as the Democratic Presidential candidate, up to his formal swearing-in tomorrow, his stance on any given issue has been as clear as fog. You can make a case for almost any side of any major issue by "cutting and pasting" from his speeches/interviews.

There has been (as noted here and any number of other outlets on the net) no major investigation into the man's past. Or in depth coverage of his friendships/associations/business dealings. Or if there has been, they have not been made public in their entirety.

This country, for what ever reason(s), has seen fit to elect to the highest office of the most powerful nation on God's green earth, an unknown! We suspect, by the individuals he has brought to the fore as part of his cabinet, he will be , at best, just to the left of center (much like the Clintons). This shade of publishing past, fears he will be far, far more to the left of that.

His agenda will bring about the end of this "Representative Republic", ushering in not "An American Empire" as some suggest, the deconstruction of the "American Dream". In other words, the end of the sovereign nation, and the attempted beginning of Globalization (most likely via the UN and or the World Court).

Realizing the world is inhabited by many who care not a wit, for Western Civilization, or the rule of law as proscribed by said civilization, I strongly suspect we are on the brink of a conflict such as the world has never witnessed. And may never witness again.

Come tomorrow, even while the barbarians are at the gate, we will have given the keys to the kingdom not to one who seeks to meet the challenges before him (and us) pitting the best of human nature, the combined knowledge of the greatest civilization to have graced this earth, and his own honor and dedication to uphold the oath his is about to swear ... as did Washington ... as did Lincoln ... as did Regan. Noble and honorable men all.

No we have before us ... a fool. Who would do well to remember, as he seems intent on becoming Caesar ... the words of one who is not a pretender to the throne ... "for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

I remain, ever spinning,

The Col.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Amen to that my friend, Amen to that.

GUYK said...

And if he tries to pull what we think he is gonna try to pull there is gonna be one hell of a fight!

The Col. said...

I fear when that day comes. But I will NOT avoid it. It has been far too long in coming, but the cost, dear God, the cost.