Senator Durbin; Living Proof Brainless Humanoids Exist!!!

What IS a spirit to do??? Here I was trying to fine tune part two of my commentary about our State's slip sliding away from "rule of law" (Not that the politicos in this State were ever all that fond of it to begin with.) and heading ever closer toward mass confusion. I would ended the last sentence with "anarchy", but that would be much to kind a word for what passes for parliamentary procedure and polite political process/discourse ... great God Almighty! Is this really the state which gave our great nation Lincoln and Reagan???

Even now, my high rate of rpm aside, my hands are shaking ... were I still alive, my blood pressure would be high enough to bring about my demise. This was brought about while reading this. Specifically, when I reached the following ...

"That is of course the Illinois Court's right and responsibility to reach that conclusion," Durbin said. "However, there is more to the story. It isn't just a question of whether Illinois law is met. It isn't a question of whether the Illinois Constitution has been served but whether the actions taken are sufficient for the person to be appointed to fill the vacancy under the rules of the United States Senate where I serve."
Source: Chicagobreakingnews.com

It is my opinion, one that is confirmed time after time this cretin (and I know, this is grossly unfair to cretins everywhere), otherwise known as the senior Senator from Illinois Richard "but I prefer to be just a Dick" Durbin (D), opens his mouth. You bloated, sanctimonious, self-serving, political parasite! It IS the Illinois Supreme Courts right to reach any conclusion (with in the law) it desires. And no, you poor pandering creature masquerading as a sentient being, IT is EXACTLY the question of Illinois law and statutes being met!!! And the states constitution has been served.

And as long as these have been met, according to the very US Constitution you are sworn to uphold and protect, Burris (or anyone else for that matter) is entitled to the Senate seat in question. AND THERE ISN'T A DAMNED THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!

Yes, I am steamed, boiling mad.

Do us all , living or dead, a very big favor Senator Durbin ... Sit DOWN sir, and shut the HELL UP!!

I remain, spinning at hyper-sonic speed,

The Col.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Spin away my friend, because when my turn comes to cross over, I will most likely will spin right along with you.

I don't believe that there are sane or normal people serving in the U.S. Government any more. I have never seen a bigger collection of self-serving, greedy, vain, alcoholic, lying, adulterous, lecherous morons gathered in one place, as what we have on Capitol Hill.