A Real Life "Confederacy of Dunces"

Your humble Colonel had thought he was quite close to being at a loss for words. The levels to which the occupant of the Oval Office has sunk, as he seems to head, with breakneck speed toward ... what? Even my nemesis, FDR, for all his warped vision of what this country should become, had limits.

But this ... this parody of a President ... this twenty-first century Nero ...

If he is nothing more then a fool who is well and truly above their station in life, perhaps there would be some sort of recourse. Even a fool, at some point must listen to reason, admit they are out of their league, turn the reigns of power over to others.

Sadly, I am of the opinion, though he may be foolish, he is not a fool. Rather, Obama is what he is, evil. No, not the kind of evil found in horror stories, monsters attacking unsuspecting villagers. Or the despots along the lines of Mao, or Pol Pot, whose evil was clear, plain to see by even the most casual observer of the world stage.

Obama's evil is the most insidious, and vile. For not only does he not consider himself to be evil, neither does he feel what he is doing (or proposes to do) is wrong in the least. And wither it is a willful ignorance on his part or that which comes from having to believe in the lie which is modern day liberalism, matters not.

I imagine most of the people he asked to accept positions with in his cabinet, or to become heads of various agencies, that declined the offers, did so not only to cover their own backsides. Some of them had to be aware of what Obama, his administration, and both the Senate and House, were going to do with this country. If not the specifics, at least the overall gist of what was to come. And what little conscience, soul, or love of country, cried out. And they listened to it.

At least what little optimist still resides in me, would like to believe that's true.

So, dear reader, you wonder why I have been away for these past few weeks? Why there have been no comments on what seems to be the ever increasing tide of what can only be described as insanity, by our elected officials of every stripe?

Maybe it's the way in which Obama treats our allies when they come to visit

Then there is the actions of our newly minted Secretary of State, as she trapes across the mid-east, and the former Soviet Socialist Republic

And there is always the diversion tactic. Attacking those who would speak candidly about your policies, procedures, and goals. Especially when your sycophantic press corp is always ready to follow your lead in matters such as this.

Then there are my personal top three favorites (subject to change):

* Government Bailout of Major Banks, Insurance Corps, and Lending Institutions.
* Proposal to have Veterans pay for treatment of injuries.
* House Bill HR875 - Controlling all aspects of production/processing of foodstuffs - Effectively killing off the independent farmer/farmer's markets/organic farming.

Individually, non of these would have been mind numbing enough to stop me from commenting. My mistake, was in waiting to see how this "President" and his administration would fare in their first 100 days. Sadly, and perhaps all too predictably, he has shown the people of this great nation, along with friends and enemies, world wide, he is nothing more then a poser. A cardboard cutout, of a man, a leader, a president. And we are far worse then being poorer for it. Our civilization, our American way of life, is heading full steam toward oblivion, self induced extinction.

Individually, non of the above examples would be enough to accomplish this. (Cripple, yes, but we as a people are resilient enough to make it through any one of the above calamities.) But collectively, repairing the damages caused by these actions is a task even Sisyphus would have shied away from. And thus my pen was stilled. My anger, outrage, and pain, raw and open to close to the heart. Words failed.

And so I stare with disbelief at the arrogance, hubris, and ignorance being openly displayed on almost a daily basis from our elected officials and their agents. Numbed to the very core of my spectral being. And at long last, find a sense of urgency strong enough to breach any and all emotions which had held my pen at bay.

For at the executive level, Nero fiddles anew! And as for (a curse on!!!) both your Houses ... We need not fear the barbarians outside, for the legislative barbarians from within are keen to open the gates for them.

I remain, ever spinning,

The Colonel

Crossposted at Big Dick's Place because a lot of folks over there remember my old paper back when it actually had "stones".