An Explanation of Sorts

Here it is almost a year and a half since I made my presence felt. To be honest, the road my country was traveling on, continuing to travel on, was too much for this bit of ectoplasm to bear.

In some respects, as much as I despised the man (Roosevelt) and all he did and stood for, at least he was a worthy adversary. Agree with him, or not, you knew where he stood most of the time. You knew where he intended to go. And he made no bones about it.

But this latest usurper to the office of the Presidency ... this fool ... this emperor dressed in nothing but prepackaged oratorical utterances, he is not worthy of my wrath. He is not worthy of my pity. All he merits,is my most heartfelt disdain, and sincerest scorn.

Do you not, see him and his ilk for what they are?

He (who shall be nameless, as much as it is possible to do so) is little more then a boy-king. Perhaps he will realize his dream of empire, at out expense, but he is beholding to ... well, I am not exactly sure, there are any number of people who can lay claim to that. George Sorros comes to mind, but he is far too easy a choice. (That doesn't eliminate him, just gives one pause as to what other options might be in play here, if any.)

As for his fellow travelers. You know who they are, for they are legion. It is not so surprising to see the party of Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, continue it's evolution into it's present form. The signs were there for decades.

They were ignored.

I would like to believe most Americans fell under that most common of human failings; the one which goes: "Why yes, the peoples of [fill in the blank] fell under the yoke of [fill in the blank], but it can never happen here."

It can happen here. It is beginning to happen here. And unless this is not realized, and more importantly, acted upon very soon, the same result will occur here. The same end result which happened in Russia under Stalin, in China under Mao, in Germany under the Austrian corporal, and across a very large portion of the world, under the yoke of Islam.

So yes, I grew discouraged. Perhaps it was only the outlying symptoms of my ever increasing rate of RPMs as the last vestiges of my corporeal form rotated ever more quickly. Alas, that would be but an excuse. What was left of my spirit, needed to compose itself. Needed time to reflect. Perhaps even time to do nothing more then observe. Well, this has been done. Now is the time to post the guards, man the ramparts, fuel the fires, and fan the flames.

I have returned!

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